OVH hosting Blocking Cloudflare connection, All websites on VPS down, 60 million request botnet attack

I am hosting my website on OVH and using cloudflare for DDoS protection.

OVH has their own “edge firewall” which automatically enables itself when a ddos attack is detected and then you cannot turn it off yourself until the server detects the attacks have stopped.

Now the problem is, the firewall ends up blocking cloudflare and every single one of my sites on the VPS go down. I have tried to talk to their support but I don’t know if they completely understand what the issue is.

Please help me configure my OVH firewall to allow all cloudflare connections or just all connections in general. I have already allowlisted all of cloudflare’s ips on the VPS itself via putty, but now OVH’s firewall is in the middle blocking things. Here is my current configuration :

Cloudflare cannot control your server and server administration is beyond the scope of the forum. I am afraid you need to clarify this with your host, but make sure none of the addresses from IP Ranges is blocked. As for the exact steps, please reach out to your host or server administrator.

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