OVH + Cloudflare DNS Problem

I am trying to verify my domain on OVH but it needs me to verify that I have ownership of the domain. It’s giving me this error message: First we need to verify you are the owner of this domain. To do so, please add a TXT field on your DNS zone for the domain, with the subdomain ‘ownercheck’ and the following value: ‘6f3211aa’. Once done and your zone reloaded, try again (you don’t need to wait for DNS propagation).

I have added the TXT record in Cloudflare but it still isn’t able to verify. Anyone know why?

I’ve never had any issues with OVH and Cloudflare in the past. By any chance, have you created any Firewall or Page Rules for that domain?

To be fair, neither of both should interfere with a DNS query. I guess it is a misconfgured DNS record.

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