OVH AntiDDOS firewall

Hi! I have a little problem with my firewall on VPS. I was trying to DDOS my VPS by direct IP to check if protection works properly but when OVH AntiDDOS firewall is enabled Cloudflare shows me that I can’t see my page with 522 error. I was trying to set something in my firewall but I don’t know how because it never works. When OVH AntiDDOS firewall is enabled I still can see my page by direct IP but not with normal domain which is on Cloudflare.
So my question is how to configure OVH firewall properly that it always accept Cloudflare requests.

It is my firewall config. Those ips are from IP Ranges

What about IPv6?

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I didn’t add so I can do it.

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I can’t add IPv6 to my firewall config. :confused:

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