Overview is empty

I just transferred my domain name (only1radio.com) to Cloudflare!
The NS are well transferred if I do a WHOIS search.
But my domain name is still inactive (pending nameserver update), and the DNS does not spread and therefore no more website!
What should I do?
Please, help us, we are a radio and without a website, it’s a disaster

Changing nameservers can take some time. Cloudflare’s nameservers however seem to be properly set. You can probably only wait until DNS propagation has completed.

There’s usually a “Re-Check Name Servers” button on the overview page.

Right now, only1radio.com redirects to www which redirects to beta which isn’t found.

It must have a bug on the site because the Overview section is empty and I do not have this button “Recheck name servers”

Hi @only1radio,

Can you post a screenshot of your overview page?


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Hmm… That’s interesting, not seen anything like that before!

Looking further…

:frowning: and of course it’s on me that it happens!

maybe I was wrong in my dns

My domain name is on Cloudflare !

I don’t seem to be able to confirm the issue, I have added a new domain to my test account and I see the overview tab fine.

Can you check developer tools for any errors? Please see Using Developer Tools in your browser to troubleshoot issues if you are unsure how to open dev tools.


That should not cause the issue of a blank overview tab…

Can you scroll down that DNS tab and confirm which Cloudflare nameservers are listed?

i have nothing on the site but if i test my dns i have this

This screenshot here, just below what you have posted, are Cloudflare Nameservers, can you confirm what those show as there?


my domain name is cloudfare and I received an email saying this:

Hi there,

Thanks for writing to Cloudflare Support.

The nameservers that you will need to set can be found on your Cloudflare Dashboard on the Overview tab.

You will need to contact your registrar and have them update the nameservers for your domain accordingly. Please see How do I change my domain nameservers?

Please note that Cloudflare requires only these 2 nameservers to be set.

You must point your authoritative nameservers to Cloudflare, this will delegate your DNS configuration to Cloudflare. It is not sufficient to simply set NS DNS records for Cloudflare; you must set your authoritative nameservers with your domain registrar.

After setting the correct nameservers, it may take up 48 hours for these to propagate.

You can test which nameservers are authoritative by using the following dig command, for example:

dig +short NS Cloudflare.com

If you have previously had DNSSEC enabled for your zone, you will need to disable this before you can sign-up to Cloudflare - your domain registrar will be able to help you disable this. You need to remove this DS record, let Cloudflare activate, and then you can re-enable DNSSEC via our dashboard and will get a new DS record to configure at your registrar. Information on where you can find the DS record configuration on various domain registrars can be found on our Help Center.

This is an automated response which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer.

But i don’t understanding

Fingers crossed that it’s (not?) lily and rocky. A ‘dig’ at lily shows the origin IP address and not a Cloudflare proxy.


Can you post those nameservers in the dashboard?

We want to see what’s at the bottom, but you cut off the screenshot:

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yes this is lily and rocky

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