Overview/Analytics dashboard behaving terribly for a domain and API errors

I have a domain jinswara.com added in my cloud flare account. The Overview/Analytics for this particular domain(and this domain only out of the 3 I have in my account) is behaving really badly.

  1. Literally 9/10 times I can’t see any stats. It just keeps failing like this,

  2. Similar issues in the analytics dashboard. It is also behaving erratically. And most of the time I can’t see any stats since it just keeps failing with similar errors.

  3. I don’t know what script it is but it triggers when I load the SSL/TLS tab. This script results in the tab slowing down completely and I get a “A script on this page is slowing stuff down, Do you want to kill the script” message. I am using Firefox 77.0.1 on Linux.

  4. I also use a app on my phone where I use a API key that has read only access to everything. This app has a analytics section and I get API unavailable errors there as well for this particular domain. i.e. jinswara.com

  5. For the few times I was able to see the analytics, There is discrepancy in the data. For example, Last 24 hour stats right now are at 58k requests total whereas last 7 day stats are at 25.8k requests. I believe this isn’t correct.

All of these problems only exist for this domain only. 1 domain has practically no activity and the last remaining domain has little activity and none of the aforementioned issues.

Ah, it finally hit alert status:


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