Overriding my origin name to custom domain name

Im pretty new to creating a site and custom domain name. I’ll explain what happen first. I made a website from 22slides and also bought a custom domain name from Hover. it did its overriding easily but I was bothered with the not secure connection. I used cloudflare account to protect my site and hopefully make the not secure button be gone. but thats where my issue starts.

so I waited for 24 hours to make it settled… and then i tried using my custom name on the address just to discover that my custom domain name is no longer overriding the origin domain name. it has been over 24 hours since and it hasnt been resolve by myself. any tips should i do to hover or cloudflare settings to fix my issue? i only want my custom domain name back. but if it also fix my not secure connection, that be awesome as well. thanks again for helping me

–edit: abit of update–

i made a mistake of writing my site’s address and discovered that my site is fully secured. but the problem though is that if i entered the custom name again, it reverts to the origin name…

What’s the domain?


I just realised my mistake. it was the ssl setting that set to full. i read the instructions wrong. thanks for helping me fix the mistake. im happy with my site now!

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