Override IP address for some pages

I hope someone can help us.
Our services are spread over different servers but need to be accessible via one domain. So we want to override the IP address for some pages.

domain.com/ ->
domain.com/subpage ->

Until now we’ve been using a reverse proxy on nginx. We want to welcome all users and have our website load fast for all of them, so we need to use a CDN. Page rules should help with this, right?

However, it seems Cloudflare only offered this reverse proxy function of the page rules to Enterprise users. Now it completely disappeared from functions/features?
Our bootstrapped startup’s budget would be already emptied out with Cloudflare’s Business plan, I’m scared to even ask for the Enterprise pricing :sweat_smile:

Could we maybe use Portzilla for this? Any other solution you could think of?

Help is much appreciated.

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