Override Host Header Using Workers


Is it possible to implement Host Header Override using Workers?

I am trying to setup Resolve Override and Host Header Override. I have configured this using Page rules similar to the example in the following tutorial.

However, I am trying to set this up using Workers and I am not sure how I can setup Host Header Override using Workers.

See - Not possible to override the Host header on Workers requests - #3 by KentonVarda - This is not allowed to prevent abuse of Cloudflare’s systems.

But it is possible with the Page Rules, I don’t see why it should be a problem to set up the same thing with Workers.

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It is only possible via page rules for Enterprise customers since Cloudflare has a legal contract with them and can (more easily) take them to court if there is any fraud or malicious activity coming from their account.

It is allowed for them only to specific Hosts, also via Workers, but only Enterprise as you already said.

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