Overload request on site, taking it down!

we are getting hit with a lot of request from a TOR service, we created a WAF rule to block. but still seems like a lot of unnecessary request overloading our site. can you please help troubleshoot as we aren’t able to use our site.

what other security do we need to add to block unwanted access?

Check in your security events that Tor connections are actually being blocked to confirm your WAF rule is set up correctly…

Ensure that the DNS records to your domain are proxied, or the WAF won’t have any effect.

Make sure that your origin server is firewalled to allow only Cloudflare IP addresses to access your webserver to prevent connections bypassing Cloudflare.

[add] Good guide for dealing with attack traffic…

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great, thank you for the information. i will try a few things that you mentioned.

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