Overcoming the limit of 30 Workers per account for Worker Site

HI folks!

We’ve got a few static SPA’s we are now serving from S3 through Cloudflare and the idea of putting them directly into Cloudflare seems really nice. However there is a limit of 30 workers max per account (we are on Business plan and got Worker Bundled as well) which severely limits the use of this awesome feature. Each time I want to deploy a feature branch as a separate site on a subdomain Wrangled would spin up a new worker with a separate KV namespace, and you’ve got to have a few static environments always running, so if you have more than a 3-4 sites and active development of them, you hit the limit quite fast. We are not ready for the enterprise agreement yet, but this issue seems ver artificial: the worker code for every site is virtually the same, so if I could use the same worker for the different sites that would solve the problem. Did anyone try to do this kind of setup? I will try to set it up myself, as it should be as simple as making a wrangler replacement to upload static files to KV and adding the route to the worker. Maybe someone already tried that, not to reinvent the wheel. I would love the Cloudflare team opinion on that also, if possible)
I know about Pages and tried the beta, but the idea of running my CI pipelines in Cloudflare does not sound good to me. If Pages add support for uploading already built site, that would be a clear choice.

Most of my SPA run with the same dependencies, so in the beginning, I had one worker for each. Then I decided to group all the SPAs in one single worker. The routes are manually created.