Overcharged, debated, eventually refunded, no apology

Last month our Load Balancing bill increased 66%.
We’ve changed nothing, so I wrote to Cloudflare Support asking about it.

  • They said the entire time our account had used Load Balancing, Cloudflare had been undercharging us and now we would begin paying for this oversight.
  • I explained how I thought it was calculated and asked how it was really calculated.
  • They said to go to the Load Balancing information page where I could learn more about how LB fees were calculated.
  • I explained there was no information on that page which allowed me to do those calculations.
  • They did not send me the figures, but instead sent me a complex example which I struggled to understand
  • I asked for an example using our very basic LB setup.
  • Now, after 4 weeks of back and forth, Cloudflare support advised me there had been a billing error and our account has been refunded the increase.

I still don’t have the information required to calculate my own LB fees (although I suspect my original thoughts were accurate). I’ve also had no apology from Cloudflare for being overcharged or wasting significant time following up.

So my feedback is: "Cloudflare Support should answer straightforward questions and learn some manners."

Sounds Like a bit of trouble. :confused:

I don’t use LBs but what i know is that in addition to the subscription fee of $5-50:

  • the first 500.000 DNS queries are free. Account wide since LBs can be shared between zones.
  • everything above costs $0.50 per 500.000 requests. Per loadbalancer. Rounded up to the next 500k requests.

For example:

90.642 queries: $5 + $0
500.00 requests are free

597.635 queries: $5 + $0.50
500.000 free queries, $0.50 since they round it up to 1.000.000

2.684.457 queries: $5 + $2,50
500.000 free queries, 5x $0.50, rounded up to 3.000.000

Once your queries are used it’s more easier:
500.000 queries: $0.50
1.000.001 queries: $1.50

Plus your subscription fees.

We don’t ever exceed our queries. Our questions were about the subscription fees. They still haven’t explained how they work and they couldn’t point me to any documentation.

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