OVER IT ~ Cutting bait and moving on

Just wanted a simple site with a simple Domain … Followed to many YouTub experts into trying to get my Domain here. After A week of trying to set up to my new squarespace account I am giving up and just buying a whole new Domain. This week was a total worm hole trying to make my web address line up with my selected Domain. Now I have to reprint and repost my web address, that seems easier then dancing with Cloudflare and their Gerbil Wheel of dead end information traps. No human or human chat box… Very CrestFallen at the time I wasted on Cloudflare … I will wait the 60 days require and try and transfer my chosen Domain since it “Feels” impossible to do a simple link.

Well sorry to see you go. In general from a strictly DNS perspective Cloudflare isn’t any different than any other registrar or DNS provider. The only thing that is different is that when you might need to make sure your DNS record isn’t proxied :orange: but is instead DNS only :grey: in certain scenarios.

If you have created the records per Squarespace requirements and they are :grey: and not working that isn’t a Cloudflare issue (or is really really really unlikely to be so).


The best way to intoduce myself here is ~ Grey hair trying to publish a website, Just wanted a website. Not sure which side the issues occurred. Very well could be SquareSpace attempting to make their assistance so well tucked away in a hidden corner ~ All their video lead too: “Would you like to hire us or change your domain to one of ours??” ~. Just want a website ~. Don’t want to worry who side is not working or talking or coded to connecting. Just want a website with the Domain I paid for working with the web site builder I selected. Just hoping they alll played nicely ~ as I was promised…

This requires simple configuration which you could have gotten easy assistance for if you just published your initial question here instead of a complaint post.

Thank you for your observation … I thought I was being descriptive of my journey, and the frustration I encountered. I believed I acknowledged my newness, I was not being judgmental as much as descriptive. Not a complaining but giving voice to my frustration.

BTW ~ Would still love to know where I went wrong in my attempt to proxy over … Help is still appreciated …

The community is a group of non-Cloudflare employees so we don’t have access to any tickets you may have filed with support. The domain in question and any error messages you received is probably a good place to start for folks to take a look and offer a suggestion.

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