Over 48 hours and dns records haven't propagated

Hi all,

I recently updated dns records to change our app domain from domain.com to app.domain.com. I previously had our landing page and app under domain.com but added a wix landing page to domain.com and changed our app to app.domain.com.

The records pointing to our wix site took effect within an hour, and everything is working fine. However, dns records pointing app.domain.com have still not propagated.

I understand it can take up to 72 hours to fully propagate, but in the past there has never taken more than a few hours.

Is there anything I may have missed, or am doing wrong? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Attached is my dns records

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Your domain is not using Cloudflare’s DNS. You would need to make DNS changes at Wix.

DNS changes at wix? Can you explain more please? The wix site works fine, it is a the “app” subdomain site that is not working.

The domain in your screenshot, eatloyalist.com, is not using Cloudflare DNS.

Name Server: NS3.WIXDNS.NET
Name Server: NS2.WIXDNS.NET

The root domain does indeed resolve, so that must be set up at Wix.

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Ahh yes, I understand.

I have changed name servers but now I am getting an error 1000 when trying to access the site with the subdomain:

Any ideas?

I don’t think you have the right IP addresses set for the subdomain. The ones in your screenshot are Cloudflare addresses themselves. They should be the address of your app server.

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