Over 48 hour DDoS attack

Hi there,

My site has experienced a DDoS attack for over 48 hours. While Cloudflare has been blocking it, this isn’t an ideal situation. I know it’s coming from Google Cloud Platform and have contacted them numerous times but it has not stopped. I experienced over 40m requests in 2 days.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to try and get this attack stopped?

Many thanks

It certainly is for your situation; it can’t get much better than that. If Cloudflare is stopping the attack, let it be, you can’t do anything else.

When we receive DDoS Attacks, we always fill out a police report, we don’t expect any outcome out of it, but it might help them link attacks with malicious actors or DDoS campaigns.

You should submit an abuse report with proper data and with enough evidence for GCP to take action if even after that they ignore it, there is nothing you can do but seek legal attention if that’s something you are interested in.

With the site in under attack mode it has caused some some parts of the sites and APIs we offer to not work as expected. Cloudflare at first isn’t detecting any attack. Under attack mode was enabled by myself which then used Managed challenge to block it.

Many thanks

I recommend checking this out; if you still face issues after them, follow the template posted at the end of the first link, and we will try to give you a better set of firewall rules to mitigate the attack


Thank you very much! Appreciate that.

Many thanks

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Thanks for those guides! I’ve just read through them both and they’ve given me some good ways to help block the attacks and future ones!


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