Over 24 hours, still having SSL error

I have setup hundreds of websites with cloudflare using the exact same straightforward method I’ve always used. However, this latest site is giving me problems!

Screenshot Of SSL Error

If someone could help me solve this I would greatly appreciate it!

The website loads fine without SSL.
I have WHM access to the server.

If you search for cypher overlap and #CommunityTip, you will find a tip with some fix ideas. Do you recall what changes you made in cloudflare prior to noticing the error? Or, was it not working before?

That’s just it, I didn’t do anything differently than I did setting up loads of other websites. Just doesn’t make sense.

So I grayed out cloudflare and tested my own server’s certificate (from AutoSSL) and it works perfectly, maybe Cloudflare hasn’t issued my certificate yet? Screenshot of Cloudflare Certificate on SSL page

Hi @user2641,

Precisely that!

The ‘certificate pending validation’ message in the SSL/TLS app in your Cloudflare dashboard will change to ‘Active Certificate’ when the Cloudflare certificate is issued.

Please see the #CommunityTip that @cloonan mentioned for troubleshooting ideas if it has been pending for more that 24hrs.

Community Tip - Fixing SSL ERROR NO CYPHER OVERLAP in Mozilla

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Perhaps I’ve just been a spoiled brat then! Literally every other site that I’ve setup with Cloudflare issued the SSL certificate instantly. :joy::joy::joy:

Time to hurry up and wait!! :alarm_clock: Thanks for the help guys!!! :grin:

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Ha! They do generally issue quicker than 24hr, but can take up to that long on the free plan. You can leave it :grey: until that shows active so your site continues to work :smile:

Update: I suspect you are caught up in this maintenance:


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Well then!! :joy:

The maintenance has completed now so I would expect it to validate in the next hour or so, if not, disable universal SSL, wait a few min and re-enable it at the bottom of the SSL/TLS app in your dashboard.

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