Over 24 hours passed and my Origin certificates still haven't been created

I have tried to generate SSL certificates (Origin certificates) for my all my websites that exist on my Cloudflare account. So far, only one of them (ivellios.com) got the certificate generated and it is shown on the Hosts/Type/Certificates list.

However, for the rest of my websites (including 12p.pl, kryptozoologia.pl, paranormalium.pl, paranormalne.eu and some others), the certificates haven’t been created yet, although it is already over 24 hours (soon it will be 48) since I started creating Origin certificates.

Is there some error, do I need to wait a little longer, or there’s a limitation that on FREE account you may create Origin certificates for only one website?

I’ve used many origin certificates before, and they generate immediately.

I know you were very specific in saying “Origin Certificate,” which is the certificate you can install on your server, but the Origin Certificates section doesn’t have “Hosts/Type/Certificates” columns. Origin certificates show up farther down the page with “Hosts and Expires On” column headings.

Or are you talking about the SSL certificates in the top section of the Crypto page? That would mean the Status would show up as “Pending” or however they describe it.

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