Over 24 hours: DNS modification still pending

I am hosting a site on Netlify. My registrar is AWS Route 53. I tried to put my site on Cloudflare a couple of days ago.

Its been well over 24 hours and it is still pending

My AWS GUI looks like this:

Have I configured things badly in AWS?

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You changed the authoritative NS records at your current DNS service, but you also need to go to your domain registrar and change the nameservers from Route 53 to Cloudflare.

If your domain registrar is also Route 53, you need to change it in the “Registered domains” section of the Route 53 console.


(After a few days you can then delete the Route 53 hosted zone. But not the domain registration.)


Thanks! Do I also need to change the SOA? What does that do?

Nah. The nameserver in the SOA record isn’t used by anything relevant to Amazon or Cloudflare.

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Note: For route53, the nameservers only need to be set in Registered Domains -> domain -> add or edit nameservers. You don’t need (and might as well delete) the “Hosted Zone” after you switch to Cloudflare nameservers.

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But it’s best to change both, so that resolvers that use the authoritative NS records will learn about the change more quickly.

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