Over 24 hour SSL Validation Time

I have been waiting for over 24 hours. Cloudflare says: Cloudflare will validate the certificate on your behalf only for zones that are proxying traffic. How do I know whether my website will eventually be validated and that I will get a certificate?

What’s the domain?

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That domain doesn’t seem to be using Cloudflare at all. Godaddy name servers and dns records that resolve to godaddy servers.

The message said that domain needs to be proxied, so that appears to be the problem.

Thank you. I checked that as well, but I went through the process to switch the ns. They don’t seem to be changing.

Do you know that if I did get them changed that I don’t have to load anything directly on the Compute Engine with GCP?

Is there a key advantage to Cloudfkate in managing the SSL over manually loading a GoDaddy certificate on the server?

Cloudflare offer plenty of advantages, such as performance, security, Workers etc. However, you should have a certificate loaded in Godaddy as well as in Cloudflare, not instead of. You can use a long lived Cloudflare Origin certificate if your options for having a real cert in GoDaddy are limited, cumbersome or expensive.

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