Outsource IT says cloud flair wont work for us?

I have signed up for Cloudflare but can find an official support option. I am not a network engineer I am an IT project manager. This is what my Outsource IT provider wrote when I sent the instructions to include our web site with Cloudflare.

“That doesn’t make sense to me, I need more information.
I can’t add these to our DNS servers, this is not how it works. You can add these to your domain name registration but you will break everything else hosted on our servers.
This will move the zone records away from us and mail, VDI, www, ford, etc etc will break.”

Partially correct.

You need to change the nameservers for your domain at your registrar. At this point they lose control over the the DNS settings for your domain, as long as they don’t have access to yout Cloudflare account.

I don’t know what’s running behind ford or the other sub domains. By default Cloudflare doesn’t proxy other services than HTTP(S). If ‘ford’ is a mail service it won’t work when Cloudflare is enabled for this subdomain. But you can disable it from your dashboard for those records.

Depending on your need you can by additional products or use a higher plan to make use of other features and proxy anything else than HTTPS

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