Outside Access to my Sub-Domain

I have a sub-domain that points to my local server. I can access the website within my local network but I can’t access the site on a different network.

I have given my local server a static IP but i still cant access the site that sits on my local server. How do i make it available on different networks and on the Internet

Is it a public IP? Did you already add the DNS records?

Yes I’ve updated the DNS for the sub-domain to point to my local server. How do I find out if my IP is public?

In Network Profile its set to public. Does that answer mean the IP is also public?

is your IP starts with either:

  1. 10.x.x.x
  2. 172.16.x.x until 172.31.x.x
  3. 192.168.x.x ?

Its starts with 192.168…

Then it make sense. IP address starts with 192.168 is private IP address - means the traffic to this IP address can only flow through local network, but not the Internet.

If you want to publish your website to the Internet but you don’t have any public IP address, then consider using Argo Tunnel.

Thank you.

Is the Cloudfare Argo Tunnel included in to hosting packages or requires a separate package?

Cloudflare is not a hosting provider yeah, it’s just a reverse proxy that helps protect and optimize your website.

You can configure Argo Tunnel straight away without any subscription.

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