Outsanding billing stopping website usage?


I’m trying to setup pages project with my new domain.

But it doesn’t seem to work, I’ve contacted the developers via their discord server and they found that it’s caused by “Outsanding billing”. The support ticket doesn’t seem to get anywhere because it mentions “Pages” and I’m told that this is the place to discuss this issue.
The ticket number is: #2820639.

Could somebody help me with this?



Thanks for contacting Cloudflare support. My name is Brandon, and I am glad to assist!

I’ve reviewed this thread and I’ve seen the ticket you’ve mentioned. I have confirmed it is Billing related, and I’ve merged it with the first ticket you’ve opened this morning.

When your first ticket gets resolved by the proper team, it will also be the resolution for this issue.

I will leave this thread open and provide updates as I see them!

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The appropriate teams have looked into your account and made the changes.

You should be able to upgrade your zone and play with Pages again!

Please let me know here, or mark this as the solution so the thread will close.

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Thank you for the help Brandon!

I can confirm it’s working now.

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