Outlook users cant connect after cloudflare

none of our clients can connect to SMTP(on ssl port) after we switch to cloudflare.
client side configuration:

|Username:|[email protected]|
|Password:|Use the email account’s password.|
|Incoming Server:|domain.com

  • IMAP Port: 993
  • POP3 Port: 995|
    |Outgoing Server:|domain.com
  • SMTP Port: 465|

all records in cloudflare are mark as :orange:

when cloudflare shutdown, they can connect without any problem, otherwise connecting to smtp server is failed

:wave: @mousa.anjomani,

That sounds correct. Cloudflare :orange: records only proxy http/s and web socket traffic. For The other ports/protocols those records should be :grey:

— OG

mm i have to protect our ip from the world so i cant use smtp.domain.com and pop.domain.com however these records are important for outlook,
any idea?

There are some ways

  • get a different IP for your mail Server, If you can’t add a second
  • get a different Mailserver
  • use Office 365, Google Mail or any other commercial mail services
  • configure outlook to use the IP instead of the host name. But that’s insecure because you can’t lock down your server to Cloudflare only.

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