Outlook problem

Hi there. I have a problem with sending emails to outlook. the problem is that i send from my domain email to outlook with the activation link for the new members in my website to activate their account through the link. the status that i recieve is email send successfully also and in console the same response i get, but the email doesnt arrive in hotmail.com accounts…any suggestions.

Only Hotmail? Everybody else receives the email?

Yes sir, only Hotmail. in Gmail and other emails that i send everybody receives the email only HOTMAIL doesn’t. Every time that i send email from my domain to Hotmail, i receive successful feedback from both my site and console, but email doesn’t go to Hotmail. Before it worked good but now i don’t know what is the point. I got in touch with Outlook they said everything is OK from their side.


If it’s getting to everyone except Hotmail, then there’s nothing Cloudflare can fix. You’ll have to investigate the mail delivery issue at the server level.

I’ve got the same issue. Works fine on WEB MAIL. Not on outlook. Havent changed anything. I’m with Rackspace so its not as though I am with a mickey mouse provider. Cloudflare and RS point he finger at each other!

This is not the same issue. Your issue is that you can’t connect to your mail server at all. This person can send/receive email to everybody…except only Hotmail isn’t getting the mail.