Outlook email stop working when i use cloudflare for SSL


I don’t know whats the issue… I have changed th


I replaced my NS with Cloudflare and the outlook mail stop working since then…

please help me!


Without any more information on your config, all I can really do is refer you to Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare

what more information would you require?

let me know… please!

What is your domain and what is your config in Outlook?

OK, good start - are you able to post a screenshot of your DNS records in Cloudflare (redacting anything sensitive) and a screenshot of your settings for the account in Outlook.

Also, a screenshot of the error received in Outlook or what the issue is.

is there anyway of send you screenshot and all that in private?

Not really, it should all be done here on the forums. Is there any reason why? You can blur out anything sensitive…

I recently migrated my website to godaddy, since then the email won’t work. only sending is working… but no receive!

I even asked them to give me MX records and i have inserted that MX records in Cloudflare DNS they have provided…


So this doesn’t look to me like an issue with Cloudflare. Your config here looks OK. You should contact GoDaddy about your email setup if that address is configured there.

On a different note, just so you are aware, because you have the changeempire.com A record set to :grey:, but have a Cloudflare Origin Certificate being served, you will see an SSL error on your site. If you set it to :orange:, then your site should work fine (assuming your SSL mode is set to Full (strict).

I contacted them, they enforce me to keep DNS settings with them, but somehow i managed to get mx records from them… is there anything specifically i would ask them to? and add in the Cloudflare or whatever you think is needed?


Is the mail account set up correctly in GoDaddy?

Also, where you posted the screenshot of the ‘Message not delivered’, are you able to post the details below that, redacting anything sensitive?

“Message Not Delivered” is from my personal gmail account… from which i try to send an email to my official address, but couldn’t send. and all i got this error in the gmail…

Are you OK for me to send a test email to that address to see the bounceback?

yeah, absolutely…
please go ahead…

thank you for helping me… much appreciated!

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OK, I tried that and did get a bounce. From the message I received, it doesn’t look like it is an issue with your DNS records or with Cloudflare, but rather something on the server. You should ask GoDaddy what the issue is with that mailbox and probably send them the screenshot you posted earlier of the error message in Gmail.

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Thank you so much for help… :slight_smile:
I am talking with them on support, they asked me to add mx records on their DNS zone…

i don;t know why… but i have done what they suggest… hope it works

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Hopefully they will be able to help you sort it.

You can delete your post with the screenshots in, if you want now :slight_smile:

image and then image at the bottom of the post if you want to!

yes… i think… as i am afraid to have them in public…
thanks for the suggestion…

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