Outlook + Cloudflare problem

Hi everyone.
I have a problem setting up my email account with Outlook.
My hosting is Fascomet but I use Cloudflare as DNS.
The problem is the Cloudflare setup, can someone take a look at it and tell me what am I doing wrong?


Try setting ‘mail’ to :grey: (click on the :orange:).

Thanks for your quick response. Graying the “mail” did not solve the problem.
I clarify that I receive emails perfectly in my webmail, only I cannot receive in outlook

Your MX record points to nw6, so inbound mail works. Webmail works because it’s using HTTPS to connect to…something.

Outlook isn’t going to work if it’s trying to connect to something set to :orange:. What do you have Outlook set to for SMTP and IMAP/POP? It needs to be a :grey: hostname.

this is my configuration in outlook…


Confirm with your hosting provider those are the correct incoming/outgoing mail server links. Those aren’t behind Cloudflare (not your domain obviously) so using CLoudflare shouldn’t be impacting anything if those are correct.

When you say not getting mail in Outlook, do you receive an error?


Yes, these are the links that my server has provided me.

Yes my friend, the following error:

That server connects just fine. Maybe it’s a username or password problem. As it’s not going through Cloudflare, you’ll need to resolve this with your host.

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