Outlook App not able to send or receive email


I recently started using Cloudflare on a wordpress site and am not able to send or recive emails using Microsoft outlook Application on an Android smartphone.I am using Imap.

The mails however, are being received when I check on the webmail.

Need your help to configure outlook app for the android phone.


Hi @manish,

I think that option 4 in Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare is the most likely.

Hi @domjh,'Thanks for your reply.

As per point 4, it says if I have created an A record but i personally haven’t used the option “Add record” to create any record. It was setup by default after i changed the nameservers.

However, there’s one record which is mentioned as
A webmail the ip address Auto Orange Cloud(Proxied)

Point 4 says, if the mail has to work perfectly, this cloud must be Grey. However, with orange cloud (proxied) , i am able to send or receive email on my webmail.

It’s the outlook appplication , i am having issue with

Hope that helps

No problem!

Are you able to post a screenshot of your DNS records (blank out the IP addresses)?

Also, in Outlook when you specify IMAP, what hostname/server name did you specify?

before cloudflare, i was using mail.thetrainernetwork.in

but after cloudflare My Host A2 Hosting, asked me to change it to their server name.

Does that help?

Thanks. If you use mail.thetrainernetwork.in then you need to set the mail DNS record to :grey:, but if you use your host’s server name, then it shouldn’t be affected by Cloudflare.


Any solution you recommend to properly use outlook.
Just did one last try to send an email to trainernetwork & outlook took 3 minutes to receive the mail .

However, the mail that i SENT using trainernetwork on outlook hasn’t been delivered to 2 recipients for about 8 minutes now. One of the recipient is a gmail account.

what do you suggest? I use mail.thetrainernetwork.in with a grey cloud? Or any other solution for outlook, may be like creating a record for outlook or something.

Mails are very important for me & if it doesn’t help, then i may have to let go of cloudflare.

Please advise… Thanks for your help

Can you try pausing Cloudflare on your site and see if the issues remain?

You can pause Cloudflare from the Overview tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard, bottom right under Advanced Actions.

If the issues persist after Cloudflare has been paused, it means that there is an issue with your origin, Cloudflare is only operating as your DNS provider while it is paused.

Sure, let me try this & come back to you in a while @domjh

Tested and all good after pausing Cloudflare @domjh

Exactly. Change the CNAME to A and point it to your server’s IP. DNS only (:grey:)

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Thanks @MarkMeyer, I contacted my web hosting company & they worked out the fix for me as after my last message to @domjh, even the webmail stopped working & was bouncing emails.

The only issue now is the Outlook app. I had my mail account added to outlook till today but then deleted it from the phone & now its been 2 hpurs that i am struggling to add the account back to my phone.

All the details are correct but still the Outlook Application is giving a Login Error: Please check your email & password and try again.

Do you think records should be entered for outlook too?

By the way, microsoft outlook on my windows 7 pc is configured & working properly.

Can you suggest something for Outlook Mobile too?

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