Outlook App Mobile not able to access after started using Cloudflare

Hello! I am new to Cloudflare and trying to install everything properly.

I am almost done and the only issue now is the Outlook app. I had my mail account added to outlook till today but then deleted it from the phone & now its been a few hours that I am struggling to add the account back to my phone.

All the details are correct but still the Outlook Application is giving a Login Error: Please check your email & password and try again.

Do you think records should be entered for outlook too?

By the way, microsoft outlook on my windows pc is configured & working properly.

Can you suggest something for Outlook Mobile too?


Hi @user8694,

Sorry you didn’t get a reply before now, just wondering if you got this resolved?

If not, is the app asking for a domain/hostname to connect to? If so make sure it’s one set to :grey: in your Cloudflare dashboard. In general, Cloudflare shouldn’t cause a login issue with mail but can prevent you from connecting if it’s through a :orange: hostname.

Hi domjh,

Meanwhile I did more research and found exactly what you suggested and worked.

Thank you so much anyway for your message!!

All the best!!

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