Outlook and other mail apps do not work after switching to Cloudflare

Good day

I’m having issues receiving emails in outlook as well as other email apps in my phone however I can receive and send emails from webmail.
I followed the email trouble shooting steps on this link Email Troubleshooting
But the issue still persist. Please help me

That sounds like you have configured your POP,SMTP and/or IMAP hostnames to be proxied :orange:. Can you share the hostnames that you have configured in your mail client, or the domain name, or a screenshot of your DNS records (redact the actual IP addresses for your origin servers)

Thank you very much for your quick response. I am using cPanel with shared hosting.
I have subdomains that have populated the Zone Records. Not sure if i should add those records as well. I’m a Newbie :pensive:

That Webmail works is encouraging.

Just make sure that your mail apps use the mail.usaam.co.za hostname for sending and receiving email.

sdayman thank you for replying to my query. How would i set that up on outlook? I only get options to change the imap and smtp settings. Would TLS/SSL certificates have an impact with synchronizing the emails?

That’s where it would be.

Your host should have those certs set up for all hostnames in your domain.

WOW :smiley: That worked. Thank you so much.

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