Outlook and cell phone emails don't work since I've set up Cloudflare


Since I’ve set Cloudflare, my Outlook doesn’t work. I went through several existing cases here, but none worked for me. Here are my Cloudflare DNS settings:

Please help.

  1. ‘www.mail’ won’t work because the SSL certificate won’t cover ‘www’ in front of a subdomain unless you have a custom certificate. Same goes for ‘www’ in front of careers and staging.
  2. ‘mail’, ‘pop’, and ‘smtp’ should be set to :grey: because Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email connections.

Thanks a lot for your speedy reply!

I did apply the mail-related modifications:

It works perfectly on the phone. However, Outlook can’t access the server. It has the same settings (IMAP, incoming mail.captis.com, outgoing is smtp.captis.com, same ports as the phone 143/587, security type: None). Mistery to me. Is there something I am doing wrong with Outlook on my computer?

As per the subdomains www - I actually do have a valid Thawte SSL cert, but I will stick to Cloudflare, and delete all the subdomain www DNS records - thanks!

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Update on Outlook: It does sent a test message. However, it won’t connect to the incoming server. Here is the error message:

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!

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It takes DNS changes up to 5 minutes to complete on each device. Give it a few minutes and try again.

Sure, thanks!

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