Outloock connect to email server but i can't receive emails

I have a strange situation after I connect to Cloudflare the Outloock doesn’t receive any emails, but if i send e message through the form contact from my website https://proseosolutions.ro/contact-us/ I receive the emails.
If I try to do that from gmail (ex. my personal gmail send to [email protected] - I didn’t receive any email on outloock). The strange thing is that I can send email to others (ex. [email protected] to my personal gmail)

I have set the following DNS records in Cloudflare:

A, webmail, IP x.xxx.xxx.xxx Auto, Proxied
CNAME, imap domain.ro, Auto, DNS only
CNAME, mail, domain.ro, Auto, DNS only
CNAME, pop3, domain.ro, Auto, DNS only
CNAME, smtp, domain.ro, Auto, DNS only
MX, domain.ro, mail.domain.ro, Auto, DNS only

How can I make it work so I can receive emails?


If the domain in question is proseosolutiosn.ro, those CNAMEs don’t exist.

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page here? It’s ok to black out the IP addresses.

Sure, here is the DNS page for proseosolutions.ro

Darn it, I don’t know how I typo’d your hostname, but that’s why it didn’t return a result.

Ok, your CNAME points to the domain name (proseosolutions.ro), but that host is not DNS-Only.

You’ll have to make ‘mail’ a DNS-Only “A” record with the IP address, then change the CNAMEs for pop/imap/smtp so they point to the ‘mail’ hostname. Just make sure that your mail-related hostnames ultimately end up pointing to a :grey: record.

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Can you please show me how it looks like?
When I try to create A type Mail with my IP and DNS only - this message appears to me
**** A CNAME already exists with that host. (Code: 81054) ****

What are the steps I need to follow or can you show me an example of how it should appear so I can replicate?

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures that match your configuration.

Get rid of any record that says mail, imap, pop3, smtp. Replace the ones you just deleted with an “A” record using the IP address of your server.

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So A mail, imap, pop3, smtp IP address , Auto, DNS only?

Correct. :grey: for those four hostnames.

I’ve change them and this is how it’s look like, it’s correct?

Does it work?

I just discovered how I got that typo earlier. Your MX record has a typo and I copied it. That would explain a lot.


OMG i didn’t sow that!!
Regarding the messages I can send them but i can’t receive any message on [email protected] - I’ve test it to send to my gmail for example and I receive it but if I want to send back a reply it didn’t do it. I’ll check again with this change, maybe it will work.

Yep still not working :frowning:

It may take five minutes (or more) for the spelling correction to take effect.

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You are right, now it’s working! Thanks a lot for all your help you solve this case :smiley: I appreciate a lot!

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Hello mates.

I have a similar problem.

Does it mean I only need to replicate alexioan3’s solution?

The yellow waring displays that this record makes the IP public.

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Hi Carlos!

Since Cloudflare does not proxy email traffic, all email related DNS records must be left grey clouded (not orange as shown in your screenshot).

Please review the following articles in relation to email records:


@MichelleB many thanks for your solution :blush: :pray:t5:

I can send mails from Outlook again.

Well, now the waring moved to the A-Record mail.

this record makes the IP public

Is that normal?

If the IPs are the same yes, mail records can’t be proxied. That’s why it’s not recommened to run mail and web server on the same IP.


@matteo thanks very much.

Now it’s cleare.