Outgoing emails failing

Hi everyone!

There appears to be a “sparatic” issue with recipients receiving emails.

They are not bouncing back and giving me a failure message, the emails are not going into their spam/junk email folders either. More than one customer all from different domains are complaining that they are not receiving the emails.

A couple of things to note.

  • Emails from our company are sent via Outlook on our desktops
  • Some emails are going through others are ghosts somewhere in the www

Is there anything in Cloudflare I need to check, Is there a particular setting.
Is my domain somehow now flagged as “SPAM” and if so how the ■■■■ do I fix it.

I have been fiddling with the odd Cloudflare setting trying to optimise website speeds…

Any ideas would be amazing!

If all email-related DNS records are set to :grey: DNS Only, then Cloudflare is not interfering with mail connections. You’d to have your email host track this down.

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