Outdated support article for CSP

Hello! The support page about Content Security Policies doesn’t include information about Cloudflare Web Analytics.

To use Web Analytics, you need script-src static.cloudflareinsights.com; connect-src cloudflareinsights.com.

You can add Browser Insights to the CSP documentation update list, it requires connect-src 'self' (#1817962)


I’m not sure how to go about reporting this other than to leave this here and hope it’s seen, there’s no “report a problem” button on the support articles.

@cwaters is one of the docs maintainers. She may be able to add a section for Web Analytics, as you outlined in your first post.

Thanks for letting us know, @awmb! I’ve created a ticket for the content team to take a look. We work in two-week sprints, so it may be a bit before you see a change, but we’ll work to get it addressed.


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