Outdated name server after domain transfer to Cloudflare

Based on https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup
The domain expiry was 20/12/2018

Updated Date: 2018-12-21
Created Date: 2017-12-20
Registrar Expiration Date: 2019-12-20

Everything is : DATA REDACTED
Name Server: dns101.registrar-servers.com
Name Server: dns102.registrar-servers.com

Since the domain is under Cloudflare. I have no where to change the nameserver , by right the name server should be change automatically by Cloudflare upon trasnfer isn’t it?

Is there a chance because it’s

  1. Nameserver was Cloudflare
  2. Domain Expired then changed to registrar-servers
  3. Now after the transfer the Cloudflare system thinks that it has already changed the nameserver.

Anyone else facing such issue?

Probably similar to The ns record not work when transfered to cloudflare



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I have the similar problem that I could not change the nameservers settings.
Now my website cannot be reached.

I guess we have to wait for the support to configure them internally.

Hi guys,

Anyone has any idea if the domain is stuck with Cloudflare forever ? Is Cloudflare planning to allow us to set our own custom nameserver without paying the high fees?

Also same for transferring of domain out of Cloudflare?

+1 to ability to register new domain on Cloudflare directly :grinning:

I think there’s no way to transfer out domain from Cloudflare, nor can we change the ns record by ourselves. I’m still waiting for the response from the ticket. and I’m preparing for lost my domain at Cloudflare.

Every registrar has to offer the option to transfer out. Considering you transferred it only recently you just have to wait for 60 days, after which you should be able to transfer it to wherever you wish.

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Yeah unfortunately the support takes quite alot of time and this can be fixed with codes on their end. Just gotta ensure it’s their nameserver. If you go back to the dude u transferred away from… They will ask you to go Cloudflare lol. Then you start to realise you are actually paying a small premium for the previous registrar which is really fast at ticket respond / live chat.

Hi everyone. We have just resolved the issue with @threebvader - the domain had expired, and the previous registrar had modified the nameservers prior to the transfer. We’ve seen this happen a couple times where a losing registrar finds a reason (expiration, unverified email) to unilaterally take over the nameservers and effectively take the site down.

Cloudflare never modifies nameservers during a transfer, since starting a transfer requires you to use the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare. In @threebvader’s case, and a couple others, we manually modify them back to the Cloudflare nameservers.

We strongly recommend that users transfer domains well in advance of their nameservers so they avoid downtime caused by losing registrar penalties. And yes, transferring out from Cloudflare can start after 60 days, like every other registrar - it’s an ICANN rule.

Thanks for the feedback; sorry your previous registrar took this action.


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