Outdated IPs on nslookup

I have returned to Cloudflare after some trials, now after almost 24hr, when I search ‘nslookup’ it brings an old IP address, different from the one I have set up.

Also, on diagnosis page,it shows: not_found_ds_record

website: theapothecary.app

I pointed the apex - A record to the new public IP and created 2 CNAMEs pointing to the apex.

Is this a matter of time or have I again set up the wrong way?

It’ll always return 2 Cloudflare IPs if the record is proxied since that’s how the proxy works.

Users receive Cloudflare IPs so that traffic goes to Cloudflare, passes through the speed/performance flows and then Cloudflare fetches your actual origin IP address on the user’s behalf.

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how about this error please?

It’s more of a informational warning than an error.

It just means you’re not using DNSSEC at the moment.

It’s not required, but recommended.

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thank you!

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