Outdated geo-location database is blocking me in the UK

I am in the UK but I cannot access this page

I get an error saying

Request blocked

Sorry, your request was blocked by our automated security systems.

If I use my mobile 4G service I get a slow cloudflare human verification widget on the page and it eventually lets me through.

I raised the issue with my ISP after a long investigation they have emailed saying that your system is using an outdated geolocation database and that the IP addresses in their blocks have been re-registered correctly with http://iplocation.net as being located within the UK.

They have suggested that I would have to use a VPN as a work-around which is crazy because I am in the UK.

I suspect that this is causing me some wider issues apart from the TFL website which is an easy test case.
e.g. I was unable to pay for concert tickets via AXS
I also notice a slow cloudflare verification widget on https://www.highcharts.com/, which eventually redirects.


So, the block page you see is not being generated by Cloudflare. Even though tfl.gov.uk is using Cloudflare, the block page is their own. This is a result of that particular site blocking the requests at their end.

Cloudflare supports Custom Block Pages but they should contain the request information including a Ray ID.

Cloudflare’s WAF block pages look similar to the following:

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