Outbound tunnel and inbound remote access?

Hi, I have some questions for a use case for Cloudflare.

Is it possible to setup and tunnel all outbound traffic and also use that same tunnel as a VPN for incomming connections?

Im not sure if VPN is the right work as im honestly not sure how Cloudflare work, but right now I use OpenVPN cloud for remote access and it works well, but I want to tunnel all outbound traffic too. Also Cloudflare looks like it has a lot more features and options to offer.


It sounds like warp would meet your needs

Thaks but I’m unable to make this work still. I have a cloudflared tunnel up.

I have also enabled Split Tunnelling and also added my subnet for routing in the Cloudflare Split Tunnelling portal.

One thing I noticed is that my cloudflared client (where the tunnel was created) does not have a private IP address?

How can I ping my device from the WARP client? Sorry, I am used to using OpenVPN cloud and am trying to migrate to Cloudflare, but finding it a little more challenging as things seem to be done a little differently.