Outbound emails in spam

A lot of our outbound emails are going to spam. How do we solve these problems highlighted by MXtool? Screenshot attached.

The SOA related records are garbage from MXTools not bothering to read the RFCs, ignore them.

Setting up a DMARC record isn’t a bad idea.

PTR / Reverse DNS will get you dumped straight to the spam folder in a lot of places, but you need to deal with your mail server operator (or if you run your own mail server, your ISP needs to set your PTR records or delegate to you).

We use Google, Gsuite, and DNS is handled by Cloudflare. We also have a CRM called Sharpspring which sends via Gmail and SendGrid. We are concerned that mail is already going to spam and we are troubleshooting by starting with DNS settings. dmarc has been set up and is propagating.

Make sure you have appropriate DKIM records (G Suite will sign for you once you add the needed DNS records), and a well-constructed SPF record too.

DKIM and SPF all set up and from google. When running a test on mx tool box they suggested something called SOA - which cloudflare reviewed and debunked as set up properly and also a reverse dns lookup as a potential issue.

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