Our websites not working

Dear Friend,

When we did the domain name which is www.gflai.com.vn to Cloudflare, but it is not working , i am not sure what is wrong for it .

Also for another one www.gflai.vn, it is not working in China , but we use HK IP ,it is working. for this one ,we use Cloudflare plan too.

Would you please help to us checking what is proble,. thanks.



Thank you for asking.

Working fine from my end. Nameservers good. DNSSEC not used.

www redirects to the shop which is ok.

However, for gflai.com.vn it looks like you’re missing an A record :thinking:

See below article how to add the @ record so your naked-domain would be accessible too for the users who are trying to access it without www prefix:

Same thing as above written, www working, but missing record for naked-domain gflai.vn.

It might in case where, it could be something from your location or related to the ISP. I remember there were lately topics where sometimes local ISPs have had trouble opening a Cloudflare Website where the IP starts with 188.x (www.gflai.com.vn)→ from Egypt or some other country, as I remember :thinking:

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Dear Friend,

Got it and now it is clear, many thanks for your help.


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