Our website too slow because there isn’t any Cloudflare server in my country Thailand

Now, Our website too slow because there isn’t any cloud fare server in my country Thailand. do you have any solution to solve problem or could configuration traffic in my country to connect to directry our origin-server.
Thank you

There is a Cloudflare PoP in Bangkok. Can you open https://yourdomain.tld/cdn-cgi/trace and check for the colo data. If colo=BKK, you are served from the Bangkok PoP.

But, if you are not served from the Bangkok PoP, first check the Cloudflare Status to see whether the PoP is currently experiencing issue. If not, and you are a Free/Pro plan customer, here’s a reason why you are routed to another PoP:

If you are a Business/Enterprise customer, you should be routed to the nearest PoP. If not, please contact Cloudflare Support.

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I’m also from Bangkok and confirmed that there is POP in Bangkok na krub. Working OK without problems so far.