Our website showing phishing warning


We have around 30+ websites under one account, Where there has our own company website (www.xyz.com) & more than 100+ subdomains. from yesterday, Suddenly all our websites and software showing your " Warning: Suspected Phishing Site Ahead!".

There was no email from Cloudflare before about any of the specific website issues. If there would be a problem on any specific domain or subdomain Cloudflare normally inform us. then we solve that. but we did not get any email before showing the phishing alert.

When clicking on review, it shows an error message.
We need your assistance if there has any issue from our end to solve this problem.


Since you didn’t post an actual domain name, can you please post a screenshot of the message?

Please here is the screenshot of the message : Screenshot by Lightshot
our domain name is : www.bdtask.com
similarly some other website.

If you look our website, google saying it is safe but cloud flare says wrong.

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