Our website on BOTH cloudflare.com AND hosting provider

When we had our website moved to a new hosting service (SiteGround) we set up Cloudflare for the first time through Cloudflare main site.

We then realised the SiteGround offered Cloudflare within it’s platform and decided it would be a more efficient us of time to use cloudflare within that platform and so moved it from one to the other.

Ever since then we have had issues. We have webpages that we have deleted weeks ago accessible to our users (even if we set up redirects), no matter how many times we purge our cache.

I have contacted siteground and the other week they realised that I had the website still showing as being on cloudflare main site, so they told me to delete it from there so that it was only managed from inside siteground.

Last friday afternoon our website went down and on checking siteground I saw that cloudflare had deactivated itself (siteground checked logins and had no other explanation for this).

So I get on cloudflare main site this morning (after a weekend of fielding helpdesk tickets from out users who are getting 404 errors on our site, because they are seeing a page that was deleted weeks ago AND has a redirect on it. The page contained a dude link, hence the 404) to ask about this and I see that our website is now again showing on cloudflare main site, even though I removed it a couple of weeks ago…

So, my assumption now is this: Managing Cloudflare within our Siteground portal, is merely a ‘window’ to the cloudflare main site? So if we turn off one, we turn off the other? Is that correct? Or should they be separate and only managed on one site OR the other, not both. Someone please clarify.

The other issue is the caching problems re old pages. How can prospective users, who have never visited our site before, be getting pages that we deleted weeks ago even after purging all the caches I can find AND setting up a redirect on the offending URL?

Many thanks.

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