Our website not available in Russia

Hi! The audience of our site www.epochtimes.ru is mainly from Russia, we encountered a problem that many visitors complain that our site is not working, we checked the availability of the site from different regions with a special service, the site does not open in many places (here is the reporthttp://ping-admin.ru/free_test/result/1576047388631zw10g5b5a17x5d85460.html), could you help to solve this problem? as I understand it, this is not only with us but also with many Russian projects. Thank you

Or may be we should change the ip ? This one is avialable in more places

It is. There is not much you can do I am afraid. What you could try is to create another Cloudflare account and add your domain to that account instead, in the hope that you get new IP addresses which are not blocked. But there is no guarantee you will get such addresses nor that they wont get blocked in the future as well.

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