Our website is redirecting to some website. we are hacked?

pls check and help! we are not able visit our websites. our website is redirecting to som. we are hacked??

we disabled all sites on cloudflare, then only they are working

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need urgent assistance in this one pls

for all of our website, we purchased an ssl and it seems to be working now. but for us it is not the solution as we are not able to use cloudflare and its services anymore

First, make sure your account is not compromised. Login to the account and check the audit log. More guide is here:

Once the account is secured, look into the redirect rules where the domain redirects to. The same you can delete.


hi neil,

thank you for your response, actually i went into the audit logs a while ago and found multiple redirect rulesets created. thank you for the response

however, it is a point of concern. how can a platform that delivers security and performance have such compromising that someone logged in, added redirects on all sites?

I strongly suggest you read the attached document above and enable 2-Factor auth in order to avoid further loopholes. The account can be compromised in number of ways and it doesn’t matter which site it is but what matters is the device that you use and the mode of encryption level your accounts hold.


hi, idont know why but i am not able to enable 2FA?

okay i got the way out for it, thanks

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A quick search is always your best friend,

Yes, same my website is redirecting to cutsy[dot]net. How can I fix this issue? I only have this site related to the photo editor.

@sarahsmith Look for the redirect rules that is set from your dashboard. If found, revoke the same &
for more info, see the attached doc :point_up_2:


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