Our website is down


Our website - www.controlsee.com is down. I was told by JustHost (the hosting company) that the site IP is: {redacted}.

Can you please update it and let me know that the site is working?

Thank you.


Michael {redacted}
Control See Ltd.

Hi Michael,

You should edit your original post and remove the IP address you were given. It can be scanned by bots and used to bypass Cloudflare’s security features.

Your site is down because of a 523 error, which is related to SSL at the origin. Please see this information below and check back with your hosting provider.

A 523 error means your DNS settings are probably incorrect. Or, if it was working before with HTTP, but not with HTTPS, then it means your server isn’t configured to use HTTPS/SSL for your website. Get your host to install SSL and that should fix it. Review the Quick Fix Ideas in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

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