Our website appears to be down completely, unable to contact support

Website down, unable to contact support. Is there anything I can do?

Error is 522

Error 522 means Cloudflare cannot connect to your origin server/host. So look there for problems.

If in doubt, pause Cloudflare so requests go direct to your server allowing you to see any error messages. Once fixed, you can re-enable Cloudflare again.

Things to check on your server/host with a 522 error…

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Now I’m seeing “DNS points to prohibited IP”.

What is the domain? Who do you use to host your site?


I did not create the site originally, but despite what I’m reading about cloudflare, I’m being told they are the host. No changes were made. It just stopped working in the last day or two.

Direct the party that is telling you that to read the article below and try again. Cloudflare sits between your visitors and your host, proxying the web requests.

That is most often caused by using Cloudflare proxy IPs in your DNS. You need to use the IP that your webhost has assigned to your origin server.

You appear to have moved this domain from one Cloudflare account to another. It is possible that your new account scanned the published DNS of proxied hostnames in the former account, resulting in garbage data in your new account.


Thank you for your response. I did read that Cloudflare serves as a front-end proxy, but I also read that they host static pages. So I thought maybe there was a chance the host info was correct.

I will continue the search for our host. Thank you again!


Cloudflare Pages is static hosting, but it is not traditional hosting, so you would most likely know if you were using it.

Yes, I may have done that by accident this morning. When I logged in with the information given to me there were no domains displayed.

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