Our Webserver is not reachable sometimes

Dear Sirs
We have some issue with the connection of our Webserver application (Linux Ubuntu NginX Webservices)
We get error 522 your site is not available. As I understood this error happens only over cloudflare. We have already used the knownledge Base of cloudflare and change the settings as recommended by them, but the problem is still there. Is there anybody which have any expierience ?
Thank you for your support and helping.

522s are generally covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out. Your server will most likely blocking Cloudflare’s datacentres and hence connections will fail. You need to make sure your server accepts all connections from the addresses listed at cloudflare.com/ips.

Dear Sandro
Thank you for your support. I will check your input with our firewall specialist.

best regards marcello

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