Our vendor unresponsive, wnt2 ensure site stays up & email

We have used LakeFront Media in NJ to handle web and email. We have gone a couple of months with them unresponsive. We need to ensure our web and email don’t go down. What do we do? Calls and emails don’t get answered, their phones seem messed up, doesn’t answer. Please help. I have not been able to get help at Cloudflare. I just continue to get the same answer from Cloudflare to contact LFMEDIA - which is impossible…
Thank you
For buchmanlaw.com, David Rosenthal [email protected] 917-922-2113

Cloudflare doesn’t host your website or email which is why you have been referred back to the host. Cloudflare is providing DNS and protection of your site only by the look of it.

While they may have set up Cloudflare to protect the website, if that account is in their name, you won’t be able to get access to the Cloudflare account.

The SPF records indicate email may be with Godaddy, MX records point to mxthunder.net so not sure where it actually is. According to securitytrails.com, the last web host before Cloudflare was set up was Godaddy around 7 years ago.

Your only option may be to take control of the domain by changing the nameservers at Network Solutions - hopefully you have access to the registrar. But that won’t get you access to your website or email.

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