Our system thinks you are a robot


Many of our website visitors are presented with a notice stating "our system thinks you might be a robot: - when they are not. it is happening on a daily basis from website visitors all over the world.

Our website is hosted on Siteground and I’ve had a lot of back and forth with them because the notice is issued by them. They are saying it isn’t their fault it’s happening and then say it is because I am using Cloudflare.

I’ve sent them IP addresses and times people are trying to access the website but they say there are no records of those visitors.

I’m not very technically minded and not sure if the issue is Cloudflare or siteground and how to resolve it.

So… itdepends :tm:.
Cloudflare is indeed delivering those challenge pages, however, the reason for those pages being delivered varies depending on the settings your host set on Cloudflare.

If they are being too strict, then siteground is at fault for compromising visitors experience with little gains on security. If the settings are light and Cloudflare is still delivering many challenges to legitimate visitors, then Cloudflare is to blame.

So… who is at fault? Hard to tell without seeing the settings siteground placed on Cloudflare. Either you or your host need to give the exact settings that are in place to give a proper diagnose.

I filed another ticket with siteground and they said this…

“Such errors occur when there is a compatibility issue with the current Cloudflare security rules. I am afraid there really isn’t a fix for this so I had to disable the captcha protection on your site. Please do note that Cloudflare does have a WAF (Web Application Firewall) which will also help keep your website secure.”

Does anyone know if the WAF offers sufficient protection, do I need to get anything else extra?

The WAF is there to prevent vulnerability attacks such as XSS, SQL attacks etc.
The Captchas are normally used to prevent DDoS / Bot attacks.

Different security layers.

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