Our Subdomains are not working - m.utaxi.in

Hi Team

We are unsure why our subdomains are not working. Could you help?

Domain : utaxi.in
Subdomain: m.utaxi.in, blog.utaxi.in

Attached the screenshot.

m.utaxi.in returns a 526 error because it lacks a valid SSL certificate on the origin. blog resolves just fine.

www.blog and www.m don’t have a valid SSL certificate on the edge.

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Thanks for your response.

We would like to know more about what you are refering here.

‘www.blog and www.m don’t have a valid SSL certificate on the edge.’

See the linked article which immediately follows and describes the issue in detail.

Yes, it’s my bad. I didn’t check properly.

Thanks for your quick response and let me look into it

Need a favor.

Is it possible to enable SSL in Cloudflare for this subdomain m.utaxi.in alone?

FYI: we have SSL enabled for the primary domain utaxi.in in the hosting server.

SSL is enabled in Cloudflare for that hostname, the issue is with your origin. See the linked 526 error article to troubleshoot.

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