Our site isn't improving

So I felt that my wordpress site was running quite slow and got recommended to get both Swift Performance and Cloudfare. After installing both (Paid for Swift performance and I use the free cloudfare) i’ve received lower scores on PageInsights.

There seems to be some problems with compresssion with gzip?

What could be the problem?
The site in questions is this https://spelrek.se/

Your site is pretty fast, but I see two slow responses:

  1. The redirect to www. You can add a Page Rule to do this for you. Match: spelrek.se/* and 301 forward it to https://www.spelrek.se
  2. Google Fonts is the slowest resource on your site. If you can find a way to host those fonts locally, that would really help.

GTMetrix seems happy with compressions. What gzip problems are you seeing?

Thanks for you advice,
According to GTMetrix load time says 8.7s.

It was in Pingdom Tools it said that gzip compression had “problems”.

Where do I add that page rule?
Do you know if that is possible to host it locally on a wordpress site?


Page Rules are in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Pingdom probably doesn’t recognize Brotli as a valid compression. So it’s not seeing gzip in the headers and then complains about it.

Is this what you mean:


I should have put at $1 at the end of the forwarding URL, so it should be https://www.spelrek.se/$1

That way it will forward the path as well, just in case.

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